Minutes of the York Town Plan Commission Meeting, April 6th , 2022

The April 6th, 2022, meeting of the Town of York Plan Commission was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Chair Bethany Storm. Storm verified that the meeting was legally posted on the Townofyork.org website and at the York Town Hall.

Roll call was taken by Brown, Plan Commission Secretary. Members in attendance: Bethany Storm, Terri Nipple, Cynthia Brown, Arlo Paust, Dan Truttmann. Others in attendance: Via zoom: Town Board member: April Prussia, Tim& Carrie Czerwonka, Chuck Bauer, John Knicker. In person Ron Strommen, Todd Nassar(represented) Ron Strommen, Bruce Sinkula, and Adams County Plan commission member Julie.

The secretary’s report of the March 2022 minutes prepared by Brown. Truttmann moved to approve the minutes seconded by Paust. The motion passed

Public Comment:

Local Resident comments: John Knicker submitted comments and proposed revisions to the comprehensive plan reviewed by the chair. Bruce Sinkula comments against ATV/UTV use and suggested a ballot vote.  Tim& Carrie Czerwonka submitted list of comments against ATV/UTV discussed.

New Business:

-Ron Strommen -Land Transfer: located County A&H-North of County A One (1) dwelling unit transferred with Eight (8) dwelling units remaining. Truttmann motioned to send to the town board for approval. Nipple seconded. Motion passed.

-Town of York 2022 Comprehensive Plan Draft Resolution passed. Resolution sent to town board for approval.

-ATV/UTV usage on public roadways in Town of York-comments from residents Bruce Sinkula, Tim Czerwonka, John Knicker comments submitted such as: add ATV/UTV use to the ballot for a vote, roads are not safe, ordinances usage, public hearing discussion, designated routes only, ATV are made for off road use, against open town use, only for recreational use and noted to get some input from our constituents. The chair will present the recommendations for ATV/UTV use on the roads to the town for review. Continue to address future land use ordinances and updates in the Town Comprehensive Plan.

Update from Plan Commission Chair:

-Terrie Nipple retiring after ten (10) years of dedicated service.

-Town Board Newly Appointed for open members’ position will be recognized next meeting.

Old Business:


Adjourn: Nipple made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Truttmann. Motion carried.

Storm adjourned the meeting at 8:43 P.M.

(Respectfully submitted by Cynthia Brown, Plan Commission Secretary)

The next monthly meeting of the York Township Plan Commission will be held on Tuesday May 3, 2022, in person and via zoom.