Town of York Plan Commission Regular Monthly Meeting:
Tuesday March 05, 2024, 7:00 pm (Central Time (US and Canada))
Town of York In-Person and Video Conference Meeting


Meeting Called to order at 7:03pm

Roll call:

Bethany Storm, Daniel Truttmann, April Prusia, Arlo Paust, John Knicker

Public: Paul Wheeler

Meeting posted at town hall and on the website March 3, 2024.

Public Comments: none

Review Minutes of February 2024 Plan Commission Meeting:

Tuttmann approved with ammendments, Storm seconded. All in favor

Paul Wheeler CSM changes:

Storm made a motion to approve the CSM, Truttman seconded. All in favor.

Helmeid Plat of Survey, Chairman’s report:

Truttmann moved to approve the transfer of one dwelling unit from Bob Helmeid to Jacob Zander on parcel 2303205990000. Storm seconded. All in favor.

Reviewed/discussed future land division examples

Reviewed/discussed any new information relating to dark skies or fee structures

Set date for next meeting (voting conflict): The next meeting will be Wendesday April 3, 2024

Truttmann made motion to adjourn at 8:09pm. Storm seconded. All approved.