The following are candidate statements from those who will be on the April ballot for Town of York board seats. Voters can select only one candidate per office.


Dan Truttmann

Hello to my fellow Town of York residents, my name is Dan Truttmann, candidate for the office of Town Chair. I live and farm in the northeast corner of the Town, where I have been for most of my life, and am the 5th generation in my family to own and operate the dairy. My wife, Shelly, and I have 3 adult children, 2 that are finishing college and one that graduated with a degree a few years ago, and all are in the field of computer science.

If elected, this will be my second tour on the Town Board, having served as 1st Supervisor from 2005 to 2015. My prior experience on the board, combined with the knowledge that I have gained from many years of managing a business and employees, will guide me as we take on the current challenges facing the Town, and preparing it for a future that both protects its resources and provides for the needs of its citizens. Your support, and involvement in Town issues, would be greatly appreciated.


1st Supervisor

April Prusia

I have lived in York for about 10 years and have been involved in our Town of York in many ways.

Most York residents know me from the Recycling Center, where I work in the summer on Wednesday evenings. In the past year I have worked at the York polls. I have served York’s Rural Land Conservation Committee with 2021 York Chairman candidate Dan Truttmann, York Planning commission’s Bethany Storm, as well as Bob Bergman and Nana Schowalter

I believe in protecting our beautiful natural resources, the prairies, waters / streams, oak savannahs as well as our rural farmland and communities. I enjoy spending time outside, sharing food with friends and strangers, star gazing, bird watching, networking and getting my hands dirty in the earth.

Over the past 20 years I have gone from managing a 40 acre veggie farm and greenhouse business to raising pastured hogs farrow to fork style. A past vegetarian I now raise rare heritage hogs on pasture, selling pastured pork, registered breeding stock and feeders pigs. My partner, Steve Fabos and I run an airbnb offering folks their 1 st direct contact with chickens and pigs. I have immersed myself into my community and have found myself involved in all sorts of projects. Currently my attention is on building a farmer and butcher owned meat cooperative.

I look forward to serving our township and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

2nd Supervisor

Travis Leonard

Hello residents of York township!

My name is Travis Leonard, and I am running for the position of second supervisor in town of York.

Some of you may not know me, so I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I live on Yankee Hollow road with my wife Megan and our two children; Audrey and Anders. My father, Peter, and I operate Framvale Farms and together we raise Red Angus beef cattle and steers. In addition, we cash crop and do custom fieldwork for neighbors within York township. When I’m not farming you might find me down at the Blanchardville fire station where I’ve been a member for over six years and for the past two years hold the title of Second Assist Chief. Also, in the winter when the snow flies, you may see me driving by your home with the snowplow truck ensuring you safe travels to your destination(s).

I am running for town board because I would like to make a positive impact within my community. I have a very strong passion for helping others and doing what is right. In addition, I always take pride in my work and that can be seen by the amount of time I spend ensuring that we are being good stewards of the land; we are very enthusiastic believers in cover crops, and understand the importance of crop rotations. Being a member of the town board would be a great privilege for me. I look forward to helping continue the legacy of York Township. I appreciate your time and consideration to be your next second supervisor.

Arlo Paust
January 26, 2021

Hello Neighbors,
I am Arlo Paust and am pleased to be running for Second Supervisor for Town of York.

I was born and raised in York, left after high school for 15 years, and returned four years ago. While away, I lived in several places, but lived in New York City the longest. While there, I worked for a civic minded non-profit organization on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as an office manager and graphic designer. This position was a pivotal experience for me, as I saw the importance of local government.

I also aided Historical District designations in Brooklyn and, in turn, found myself interested in ancestry and my home township of York where my ancestors first came in 1854. This rural interest eventually led me to work as a farm-hand on a small farm in Oregon state and then to realize how unique and special my own home is. I have since begun to compile a history book of York township.

Currently I am on the York Plan Commission and have helped in local elections and political campaigns. I volunteer and work at both the Mount Horeb Area and Blanchardville Historical Societies, work as a picture framer at a frame shop in Madison, occasionally help on a local dairy farm, and work as a freelance editor.

On the basis of my personal life experience, I am uniquely able to relate to and understand the perspectives of both the newly arrived and long-term residents of York. I will be glad to help the township adapt to new challenges while maintaining the integrity its residents love and deserve. We are lucky to have two worthy candidates vying for the same position.

Respectfully Submitted,

Arlo Paust
N9003 York Center Rd
Blanchardville, WI 53516