Town of York
Monthly Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

 Please Note:  These Town Board meeting minutes are posted as draft-only to inform town residents of the topics addressed at the board meeting.  These minutes are subject to review and possible revision at next month’s Town Board meeting and should not be considered official until they receive final board approval at that time.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm.  The meeting was held in person and as a video conference on Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chairman Dan Truttmann, 1st Supervisor April Prusia, 2nd Supervisor Travis Leonard, and Clerk-Treasurer Jessie Schlumpf were present.  Verification of proper notice was given.

Public Comment-  Town residents stated their concerns about the Verizon cell tower proposed for W8891 State Road 39, including visual impact, no previous notice, health concerns, fall zone, impact on property value for adjacent landowners, other towers already on State Rd. 39.  Travis Leonard reported that the local ATV club had contacted him about funds for reimbursement for ATV signs if the Town of York elected to open some/all roads.  That will be an agenda item for February 2022.

Minutes December 14, 2021, Town Board Meeting-  Minutes for the Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Board meeting were presented.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the minutes as presented; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report, and ARPA update-  The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.  ARPA:  Jessie Schlumpf reported issuance of the Final Rule by Treasury, including the major change of municipalities having the option of a “standard allowance” of $10 million for revenue loss.

Bills-  Jessie Schlumpf presented bills to be paid.  Travis Leonard will check into the cost of getting his CDL.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the bills as presented; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.

Patrolman’s Report-  Wayne Bue reported that the heater in the Volvo excavator is now working.  Snowplow drivers have been out as necessary.  April Prusia reported being contacted by a resident on Wylde Lane about plowing.  Dan Truttmann reported being contacted by some residents about getting a few pails of salt for severe conditions.

Plan Commission Report-  Bethany Storm reported that the “contingency clause” on the parcel division/transfer form was approved by the Plan Commission.  She is polling Commission members on their length of service and openings for 2022.  Bethany joined in June 2018, became Chair in September 2020; Cindy joined in November 2020; Arlo joined in January 2021; and Terri Nipple joined in April or May of 2012 (replaced Kelly Hermanson), and Terri does plan to retire in 2022.  Bethany and Dan Truttmann will work on an application form for the upcoming open position(s) and will post to the website.  Plan Commission is receiving public comments on the draft Comprehensive Plan, with the finalized document going to the Board by March.  Comprehensive Plan Hearing will be held on 2/08/2022 at 6:30 p.m.  Siting of towers and notification of neighbors should be addressed in the future (as requested in the Comprehensive Plan survey results).  The Board questioned her on the ability to transfer dwelling units without an actual land division or transfer; the Plan Commission will address this upon completion of the Comprehensive Plan update while also reviewing ordinances.  Dan did print out 2 more copies of the draft Comprehensive Plan in color and they are at the libraries for residents to review.

Chairman Report-  Dan Truttmann was contacted by Harold Thompson on Cty. H about property line disputes, Mr. Thompson’s tax bill (land converted back to recreational), and incorrect dimensions on his building.  This is the third issue that Dan has been notified of about our assessor.  Dan directed Mr. Thompson to contact an attorney about the property line disputes.  Jessie Schlumpf had given Mr. Thompson the phone number for Gardiner Appraisal about his assessment questions and errors.  The Board is mindful of residents’ concerns about Gardiner Appraisal’s work for the Town of York.

Business Items-

Verizon (Ray Shinkle) driveway permit – State Rd. 39-  The Board addressed residents’ concerns on the placement of this cell tower, but Green County has zoning authority (permit already granted), and the Department of Transportation granted driveway access.  It’s a 50-year lease on an 80’x80’ piece of ground.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the driveway permit for Vertical Bridge for the cell tower at W8891 Hwy. 39; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.

Ronald Strommen/Kiel and Baileigh Stampfli – reversal of dwelling unit transfer.-  This proposed transfer did not take place.  Dan Truttmann moved nullify the dwelling unit transfer from Ronald Strommen to Kiel and Baileigh Stampfli; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.

Contingency clause addition to dwelling unit transfer form-  The Board discussed this change to the form.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the change to the parcel division/transfer form to include:  “*If the sale of the property referenced on this form fails this document is nullified after notification is given to the Town of York Board”; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.  The form will be updated on the Town’s website.

Tim and Amber Seffrood driveway refund – corner of County H & A-  The Board discussed this driveway:  no grade issues, the past Board had suggested the end of the driveway be level where it connects to Cty. Rd A, but line of sight is not a problem there.  Dan Truttmann moved to approve the driveway refund for Tim and Amber Seffrood; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.

Sarina Brion driveway refund – N8517 Badger Rd.-  Dan Truttmann did not hear back from Sarina and Derrick Brion.  This agenda item was tabled until the February 2022 Board meeting.

Premium pay for election and Recycling Center workers (through ARPA funds)-  The Board tabled this item indefinitely due to Treasury adding a “standard allowance” for revenue loss to the Final Rule, the Town not being in a fiscally depressed area, Jessie Schlumpf did not have trouble obtaining election inspectors, and we’ve been able to keep our Recycling Center workers.

Town audit bids-  Dan Truttmann contacted Becky Johnson about conducting the Town’s audit.  She declined (she has not kept up her licensing for conducting audits due to the cost of the license); he also contacted Johnson Block, which does audits for neighboring municipalities, but has not had a reply.  As asked at the December 2021 Board meeting, Jessie Schlumpf checked with the Wisconsin Towns Association and emailed the Board that bids are not required for obtaining an auditor.

Green’s Prairie Cemetery Annual Report-  Dan Truttmann stated that the Association has done a great service to the Town by their upkeep of this historical gem.  The Board reviewed the Green’s Prairie Cemetery Association Annual Report for 2021.  The report will be posted on the Town website.

Town lanes-  Dan Truttmann talked to 2 surveyors about discontinuing 6 Town lanes.  Dan found maps and information on 3 of the 6 lanes, and he has forwarded that information to Todd Hasse, surveyor, for review and feedback from our counsel.  The Board hopes to have more information by the February or March 2022 Board meeting.

Camper trailer on Cty H-  The Board discussed the location of this camper.  Dan Truttmann will check with the landowner, Justin Blum, on ownership of the camper and then contact Geoff Briggs at Green County if necessary.

Also, the owner of the camper on Badger Road asked for more time for removal from Geoff Briggs; and Geoff requested a letter.  The Board agreed to a deadline of April 1, 2022.  Geoff Briggs also told Dan Truttmann that the Diane O’Donnell (Cty. J) camper has been winterized and Mr. Briggs requested a signed letter from Ms. O’Donnell stating the camper is not occupied and a date for occupancy of the home under construction.

Recycle Center signage-  April Prusia will re-word the language for a possible sign on the kiosk.  She will communicate with the Recycle Center supervisors.  The Supervisors do have paper copies to hand out to residents.  The Board asked that any notifications from Pellitteri be forwarded to them as well as the Recycle Supervisors.

Adjournment-  Travis Leonard moved to adjourn; second by Dan Truttmann.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jessica L. Schlumpf, Clerk-Treasurer