Town of York
Special Board Meeting w/Sterling Morrow
Thursday, September 17, 2020

Please Note: These Town Board meeting minutes are posted as draft-only to inform the town residents of topics addressed at the board meeting. These minutes are subject to review and possible revision at next month’s Town Board meeting and should not be considered official until they receive final Board approval at that time.

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 pm. The meeting was held at the property of Sterling Morrow on York Center Road. Chairman Steve Van Hout, 1st Supervisor Tim Czerwonka, 2nd Supervisor Steve Hermanson, and Mr. Sterling Morrow were present. Verification of proper notice was given.

Consideration for approval or other action:

Driveway viewing of Sterling Morrow’s property on York Center Rd.- A check for $120 was submitted by Mr. Morrow as reimbursement for the Special Meeting. A discussion of the validity of the present driveway and its position on the roadway ensued. Noted was the absence of application and approval by the former owner. A timeline was prepared and handed out that showed the Ordinance revisions through the years from ordinance #4-1 to the present #12-3 along with dates when the unauthorized excavating was completed by the previous owner and the date of sale to Mr. Morrow. Questions were raised about the sight distance rule in the present ordinance #12-3, 300 feet to each side as opposed to 150 feet to each side for a total of 300 feet. All agreed that 150 feet to each side to be the acceptable interpretation. Three other possible sites for a driveway approach were discussed as possible entry for a different approach into the property. Mr. Morrow suggested a compromise that if it were possible he could continue using the present entry for one year he would consider making an application for the new approach next spring. Supervisor Hermanson was concerned about liability issues should the Board grant the request to continue using the entry at its present site. Mr. Hermanson suggested the Board inquire with a lawyer whether any liability would fall back on the township by allowing continued use of the present entryway. The discussion will be revisited once that determination can be verified. It was noted by Mr. Morrow that he could not trust Chairman Van Hout.

Large tree over Hay Hollow Rd.- The large tree to be viewed was tabled since Wayne Bue and Steve Van Hout have decided to close the road on Hay Hollow and attempt to take it down.

Adjournment- Steve Hermanson moved to adjourn the meeting; second by Tim Czerwonka Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 5:44 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Van Hout, Chairman