Minutes of the York Township Plan Commission Meeting, Tuesday April 7, 2021

The April 7, 2021 meeting of the York Township Plan Commission was called to order by Zoom/Video conference at 7:02 p.m. by Chair Bethany Storm. Storm verified that the meeting was legally posted on the Townofyork.org website and at the York Town Hall.

Roll call was taken by Cyndi Brown, Plan Commission Secretary. Members in attendance via zoom were: Bethany Storm, Linda Yates, Terri Nipple, Cyndi Brown, and Arlo Paust. Others in attendance via zoom: Mark & Sandy Meisberger, Mark Muench, and Dan Truttmann, York Township Chairman.

The secretary’s report of the March 2, 2021 meeting read by Brown. Nipple moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Paust. The motion passed.

New Business

1).Land transfer-In the 1st transaction, Mark Muench/SNC-LLC (in attendance via zoom) with nine (9) dwelling units allotted for transfer (parcel #s:  2303200680000;  2303200690000;  2303200800000;  and 2303200840000) of 163 acres on North Hay Hollow Rd. North of Hwy 39. Sold to: SNC-LLC.2 dwelling unit remaining. Land intended use is Ag/farm usage. Motion made by Nipple to advance the transfer to York Town Board for approval. Yates seconded the motion. Motion carried.

2). Land transfer-2nd transaction, Bart Schley & Mark Muench. Remaining Two (2) dwelling units allotted for transfer (parcel #s: 2303200670000, 23.96 acres and 2303200700000, 39.5 acres) to the east of the parcel that borders Hay Hollow Rd. Sold to: Bart Schley & Mark Muench. Motion made by Paust to advance to York Town Board for approval. Nipple seconded the motion. Motion carried.

3). Land Transfer transaction: Mark & Sandy Meisberger (in attendance via-zoom). One (1) dwelling unit allotted for transfer (parcel #: 2303207170000) 20 acre parcel in Woodland Estates off Yanke Hollow Rd. Sold to: Kevin & Cynthia Koval. Motion made by Nipple to advance transfer to York Town Board for approval. Motion seconded by Paust. Motion carried.

Update from Plan Commission Chair: Received calls from sellers: Caller inquired about land division prior to it being divided into parcels, and can a new buyer sell the divided parcel? Yes. It is not considered a dwelling. A buyer of subdivision, granting a variance of the 5 year rule of developing land.

Caller inquired about how much land is selling for. Four(4) acres of Fox family sold to a neighbor, the property was bought w/one (1) dwelling unit. Can the dwelling unit be sold alone?

Old Business:Town of York Comprehensive Plan review. Chapter four(4) Housing reviewed.Discussions continue to be informative and the commission will continue chapter by chapter each meeting

In other news: 


Public Comment: Dan Truttman, newly elected Town of York Chairman, wanted to offer his appreciation to the plan commission chair and the members for identifying some of the issues that have not been dealt with and having the foresight to plan ahead.  Also being faced with following the vision statement and comprehensive plan of the town. Awareness of strong demand for growth in the town. We are past our growth plan, and want to ensure the town of the future reflects the way our vision and ordinances are presented as a group going forward. Fortify our ordinances, prepare a comprehensive plan, and accomplish the revision of the ordinances in terms of expedience. Census data update. Plan discussions with past organizations to update the Comprehensive Plan. 

Adjourn:  Nipple made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Yates. Motion carried.

Storm adjourned the meeting at 8:01 pm.

(Respectfully submitted by Cyndi Brown, Plan Commission Secretary)

The next monthly meeting of the York Township Plan Commission will be held on Tuesday May 4, 2021