Minutes of the York Township Plan Commission Meeting, Tuesday December 1, 2020

The December 1, 2020 meeting of the York Township Plan Commission was called to order a Zoom/Video conference at 7:04 p.m. by Chairperson Bethany Storm. Storm verified that the meeting was legally posted on the Townofyork.org website and at the York Town Hall.

Roll call was taken by Cyndi Brown, Plan Commission Secretary. Members in attendance on zoom were Bethany Storm, Linda Yates, Terrie Nipple, Cyndi Brown.Other attendees Dana Olson, Lexie Harris, and Arlo Paust.

The secretary’s report of the November 4, 2020 meeting read by Brown. Yates moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Storm. The motion passed.

New Business:
Land/Transfer/Division – Northside of County A,intersection of A&J Southwest of Postville Rd.
Dana Olson in attendance by zoom is representing Carol Friedrich Farm Trust. Dana has 3 requests. CSM#_______
1.)In the 1st transaction of Land division request: This transaction request (parcel#2303202780000) (parcel#2303202911000) (parcel#2303202620000) (parcel#2303202790000) (parcel#2303202670000) (parcel#2303202941000) (parcel#2303202922000) (parcel#2303202900000).
County A-216 acres, sold to Alouette LLC,five ( 5) dwelling unit allotments to be divided with nine ( 9) dwelling unit allotments remaining. The intention of Alouette LLC is stated for Ag usage(farming) answered by Dana Olson.

2.) In 2nd transaction:Small request: This transaction request (parcel# 2303202922000)-Tim Schneeberger to resolve land issue, by gaining part of driveway entrance of .25 acres.No dwelling allotment units with transfer. This access road (part to Tim S.) touches his (parcel# 2303202930000). This will be a quit claim deed transfer.CSM#_____

3.)In the 3rd transaction- This transaction requested 43 acres on the Southside of Cty Hwy A: No buyer at this time. Currently waiting on Survey maps.( parcel # 230320294100) (parcel# 2303202922000) (parcel# 2303202900000). CSM#_____ and two (2) dwelling unit allotments will remain with the house.

Overview: Three (3) transactions of land transfer. Totalling 14 dwelling units.
5 units with the 216 acres.
7 units with the 43 acres
2 units will remain.
0.25 acres to Tim Schneeberger.

-Yates made a motion to refer the request of the 216 acres on the Northside of property land transfer to the York Town Board for their approval. The motion was seconded by Nipple.
Motion passed.

-Nipple made a motion to advance the land transfer of 0.25 to the York Town Board for their approval.Motion was seconded by Yates.
Motion passed.

-Storm made a motion to advance the land transfer of 43 acre of land on the South of County Hwy A. to the York Town Board. Motion seconded by Brown.
Motion passed.

-Land transfer/division of Paul Ovadal- removed from agenda.

-Lexie Harris ( representing Michael and Wendy Newton) presented a land transfer request of a 5 acre lot-CSM#3668 Lot 17 ( parcel # 2303205561700) of Pondrose Subdivision with one(1) dwelling unit allotment. The buyers are Brandon and Ann Kosharek. Motion was made by Nipple to advance this request to the York Town Board for approval. Yates seconded the motion.
Motion passed.

Update from the Plan Commission Chair included information on a formal request to the Town Board regarding “Procedures for governing Ordinance #16-03” simple land transfers, changes in the language for simple transfers and the need to come before the board. Will a representative from the property be required to come before the Plan Commission and the Town Board for approval, it was not discussed d/t the lateness of the meeting and it was not officially on the agenda.

New Business: Arlo Paust is on the agenda for the York Town Board to become the newest member of the York Town Plan Commission.

Linda Yates requests a copy of the Town of York Comprehensive Plan, Bethany will get one for her.

Old Business
Town of York Comprehensive Plan to review every 5 years, not really a need to re-write.
The Plan Commission Chair suggestion is to review the plan like a book club. Discussions will be chapter by chapter. Chapter one (1) will be discussed at the next meeting on January 5, 2021
New census data will be compiled to perform a comparison.

Other Business: Cyndi Brown joined the Plan Commission in November as the Plan Commission Secretary.
Arlo will get a hard copy of the Comprehensive plan, also will forward a digital copy to him.
In 2005 was a review of the Comprehensive Plan of dwellings, large farms, and large livestock farms.
A developer with 300 acres north of 39, inquired about land division. The Plan Commission Chair stated there is a clause where you cannot subdivide land in the first 5 years of land purchase.

Public Comment: Arlo stated great job everyone with the observation of family, history and the township.
Marselino Miranda has some health concerns, and will no longer serve on the board. Yates/Nipple request for an email address, Bethany will share an email address, if any objections, she will let us know.

Adjourn: Yates made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Nipple.
Storm adjourned the meeting at 8:33 pm

(Respectfully submitted by Cyndi Brown, Plan Commission Secretary).

The next meeting of the York Township Plan Commission will be held on January 5, 2021.