Town of York

Monthly Plan Commission Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The September 6, 2022, meeting of the Town of York Plan Commission was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Bethany Storm. Storm verified that the meeting was legally posted on the website and at the York Town Hall. The meeting could also be joined via Zoom.

Roll call was taken by Storm. Members in attendance: Bethany Storm, Cynthia Brown, Arlo Paust, Dan Truttmann, and Aaron Gifford. Others in attendance: Town Board members: April Prusia, Travis Leonard.

Minutes for the Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Plan Commission Meeting were presented. Dan Truttmann made a motion to approve the minutes. Bethany seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment: None.

Business Items:

*Land Division: Chuck Bauer land division of 88 acres with (2) two dwelling units transferred and (2) remaining. Paust made motion to approve and seconded by Truttmann. Motion carried to the board for approval.

*ATV/UTV discussion.

Questions from Gifford-(1). When was the ATV/UTV ordinances brought in front of the board?

April 2022. (2.) What are the some of the previous discussions of the ordinance and what does each member thoughts about the ordinance?

Leonard referred to Town of Adams ordinance on the age of the driver is 16 years old. Gifford suggested all town roads be opened to ATV/UTV use.

*Land Division/Transfer ordinances discussions. The current ordinance page 17. Section 13 is in line with the Plan Commission and the TOY Vision statement. The removal of or condensed version of Tier I and Tier II. No action taken. The town survey taken suggests the ordinance be discussed. Truttmann commented on what do we hope to achieve in the ordinances? Promote farmland preservation, dark skies, and land division ordinance with green county support.

Paust moved to adjourn meeting at 8:30pm. Truttmann seconded. All approved.