Special Meeting of the York Township Plan Commission-Friday, September 4, 2020

Acting Chairman Bethany Storm called to order a special Zoom meeting of the York Township Plan Commission that was requested by the parties of the Joel Zimmerman/Harold Thompson land division/land transfer proposal. Required paperwork was dropped at the York Town Hall prior to the meeting. The meeting began at 9:11 a.m. due to some technical issues with Zoom.

Storm verified that the meeting was posted on the township website and at the York Town Hall.

Roll call was taken by Terri Nipple, Acting Secretary. Plan Commission attendees were Storm, Nipple, and Linda Yates. Also attending on Zoom were Adam Crist of Lori Droessler Real Estate, representing the seller Joel Zimmerman; Harold Thompson (potential buyer), Nikki Matley, and Steve Van Hout; Town Chairman.

Following some questions (due to the Zoom format) of learning who were present and who they were representing and an explanation by Storm as to why it was necessary that the Plan Commission thoroughly review the issue regarding the stone structure, Crist told the Plan Commission that a revised Land Division/Land Transfer form was being presented with 2 dwelling unit allotments being transferred. Zimmerman originally had 13 dwelling unit allotments, therefore 11 dwelling unit allotments will remain on Joel Zimmerman’s parcel. Mr. Crist also confirmed that electrical service is in the stone structure.

Nipple made a motion that the Zimmerman/Thompson request for land division/land transfer with 2 dwelling unit allotments be forwarded to the York Town Board. The motion was seconded by Yates. Motion passed and the request will be advanced to the York Town Board.

Public Comment: Mr. Crist had a question regarding the driveway permit which was answered by Steve Van Hout, Town Chairman. Van Hout also answered a question about how a CSM is recorded. In addition, Van Hout told the parties that a Code of Country Living needed to be downloaded and printed from the township website, signed and sent to First Supervisor, Tim Czerwonka.

Yates motioned for adjournment, seconded by Nipple. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 a.m.
(Respectfully submitted by Terri Nipple, Acting Plan Commission Secretary)