Resolution Regarding the Transfer of Dwelling Units
Resolution 2022-3

Whereas, the Town of York has recently completed an update to the Comprehensive Plan

Whereas, the Comprehensive Plan and the vision statement direct the Town Board to “preserve productive farmland, quality groundwater, managed woodlands, prairies, wildlife, streams and the scenery of the Driftless area”

Whereas, the Town Board and the Plan Commission have reaffirmed their obligation to implement the Comprehensive Plan and take the necessary appropriate actions to do so

Whereas, the Town of York Land Division-Development and Transfer Ordinance dated April 15, 2004 created Dwelling units as a means of limiting development and the loss of agricultural land and wildlife habitat

Whereas, the Plan Commission and the Town Board have recognized the excessive number of dwelling units that exist in opposition to the tenets of the Comprehensive Plan, and the impact on population growth, loss of farmland and wildlife habitat, and concerns about the ability of the Town to provide fire protection, EMS and other services to a rapidly growing population

Whereas, the Town has determined that there are no areas in the Town that are particularly suitable for high density development, or a justifiable  reason to add additional dwelling units to a landowner’s existing allotment

Therefore, the Town Board of the Town of York, Green County, does hereby resolve and order as follows:

1) That dwelling units may only be transferred among and between parcels of a given landowner

2) Dwelling units may not be transferred from one landowner to another

3) If property is sold and the dwelling units aren’t distributed by the seller, the purchaser assumes all rights given to the original landowner

Adopted this 10th day of May, 2022.

Signature of  Town Chair: s/ Daniel J. Truttmann

Attested by Town  Clerk: s/Jessica L. Schlumpf

Resolution 2022-3 (re transfer of dwelling units).docx