Town of York
Special Town Board Meeting
Thursday, April 29, 2021

Please Note: These Town Board meeting minutes are posted as draft-only to inform town residents of the topics addressed at the board meeting. These minutes are subject to review and possible revision at next month’s Town Board meeting and should not be considered official until they receive final board approval at that time.

The Town of York Special meeting on April 29th was called to order by Chairman Dan Truttmann at 10:05 a.m. at the Town Hall. Present were: Dan Truttmann, April Prussia, Travis Leonard, Wayne Bue and Eric Wilde from the Green County Hwy Dept. Verification of proper notice was made. The attendees then proceeded to drive to and inspect Town roads potentially needing repair, and returned to the Town Hall at 11:15 before heading off to the next item on the agenda which was the RockCliffe subdivision access to Hwy. 39.

Present at that location: Dan Truttmann, April Prussia, Travis Leonard, Chris Narveson and John Schumacher of the Green County Hwy Dept, Scott Hinkle for the WI DOT, Bart Schley representing Mark Muench and SNM LLC, Frank and Jessie Schlumpf, and various other residents. Discussion was held about the recent discovery that a permit to access State Hwy. 39 was never granted by the WI DOT. Safety issues regarding the close proximity of the current access to a sharp curve were discussed, as well as possible locations to relocate the driveway. No decision has been made, but something will need to be done to rectify it, as the State DOT is unwilling to grant a permit in its current location.

Next, the board met with Trent Hendrickson and Dave Erickson on Steffen Lane, adjacent to Tyvand Road, regarding the Hendricksons’ desire to add a dwelling at that location. Discussion was held about driveway access, and placement of the dwelling, as well as location of the septic. No decision was made.

Motion to adjourn was made by April Prussia; second by Travis Leonard. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Truttmann, Board Chairman