Town of York
Monthly Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 14, 2022

 Please Note:  These Town Board meeting minutes are posted as draft-only to inform town residents of the topics addressed at the board meeting.  These minutes are subject to review and possible revision at next month’s Town Board meeting and should not be considered official until they receive final board approval at that time.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  The meeting was held in person and as a video conference on Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chairman Dan Truttmann, 1st Supervisor April Prusia, 2nd Supervisor Travis Leonard, and Clerk-Treasurer Jessie Schlumpf were present.  Verification of proper notice was given.

Public Comment-  Meg Pokorny commented about the Plan Commission recommendations regarding ATV/UTV’s.  Serena and Derrick Brion asked questions later in the meeting regarding bringing their driveway into compliance with the driveway ordinance.  Dan Truttmann will contact the Brions to view the driveway and come up with a compliance plan.  Aaron Gifford had questions about the best time to mow and/or spraying noxious weeds (wild parsnip) in his capacity as Weed Commissioner for the Town of York.

Minutes of May 10, 2022, Town Board Meeting-  Minutes for the Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Town Board Meeting were presented.  April Prusia moved to pass the minutes from May 10, 2022; second by Dan Truttmann.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report, and ARPA update-  The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Travis Leonard moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented; second by Dan Truttmann.  Motion carried.  ARPA:  Jessie Schlumpf reported that the second ARPA payment is expected on June 20, 2022.

Bills-  Jessie Schlumpf presented bills to be paid.  Travis Leonard moved to approve the bills as presented; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.

Patrolman’s Report-  Wayne Bue reported grading and graveling Nimtz, Said and Emberson Lane.  Travis Leonard asked about Minert; Wayne has started mowing, so Minert will be done in a week or two.  The tractor loader frame broke and a new frame has been ordered since replacement parts are no longer available.  Travis Leonard will assist Wayne with the repair.  A replacement sign for York Valley Road at Hwy. 39 has been obtained; Wayne will contact Denny Marty to use his boom truck for the sign installation.  Dan Truttmann was contacted by Lakeside Truck and the Board discussed budgeting for the future replacement of the 2015 truck, rust issues on that truck, and cleaning after snowstorms (if the weather is mild enough).

Plan Commission Report-  Dan Truttmann reported the Plan Commission discussed neighboring towns’ land division and land use ordinances, including the Town of Perry’s good approach to preserving farmland.  The Plan Commission will contact Green County Board members about updating zoning ordinances.  The Plan Commission also discussed ordinances to work on:  dark sky – shielding yard lights, updating driveway ordinance to include specifications if subdivision roads are taken over, and land division (keeping in mind the Vision Statement).  No decisions were made, but good discussion on how to move forward.

Business Items-

Kendall/Danielle Syse – Sunnyside Rd driveway permit-  The Board discussed possible locations for this driveway with Kendall Syse.  The Board will view the proposed location at an agreed upon time in the next few weeks.  Travis Leonard moved to approve the driveway permit for Kendall and Danielle Syse; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.

Robert/Teresa Nicholas – Loyalty Rd. driveway permit extension-  Dan Truttmann emailed Teresa Nicholas but had not received a response regarding completing the driveway for the shed.  Tabled indefinitely.

Recycling Center worker wages-  Kim and Cindy Peterson requested a raise due to cost of living.  Jessie Schlumpf stated their current wage is $15/hour, and Robert Kuehne at $13.50/hour.  Dan Truttmann moved to raise the hourly wage for Kim and Cindy Peterson’s wage to $17/hour and for Robert Kuehne to $15.50/hour; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.

Patrolman job posting-  Dan Truttmann emailed one candidate but didn’t get a response; he has not talked to the other interested candidate.  The Board discussed job qualifications, possible wage and/or benefits, expected hours, and will create the job posting for the website, local shoppers and newspapers.  Dan Truttmann moved to advertise for a full-time town patrolman; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.

Appoint Emergency Management Director-  Dan Truttmann moved to appoint Cyndi Brown as the Town of York Emergency Management Director; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.  Dan Truttmann will notify Green County of Cyndi’s appointment.

Road repair budget and authorizations-  The Board discussed the proposed road repairs at length.  Dan Truttmann moved to increase “Acct. #53306 – Highway Materials-Contracted Work” by $36,000 to $123,000 due to expected price increases for 2023; second by April Prusia.  Motion carried.  Jessie Schlumpf will revise the 2022 budget to reflect this increase.

Town Hall window replacement-  The Board discussed new windows versus replacement inserts, as well as color options.  Travis Leonard moved to contract with Tri State Custom Windows for replacement window inserts for the Town Hall; second by Dan Truttmann.  Motion carried.  Dan Truttmann will be meeting with Steve Jorenby regarding updating the Town Hall electric, outside motion light, etc.

ATV/UTV ordinance-  Tabled until July 2022.

Green Co. COVID mitigation response survey-  Jessie Schlumpf completed the COVID mitigation response survey; additionally, the Board completed the Green Co. Hazards Preparedness & Mitigation Questionnaire.  Jessie Schlumpf will forward the forms to Green County.

WEC Accessibility Audit Report and Plan of Action Form-  The Board discussed accessibility options and completed the Plan of Action Form.  Jessie Schlumpf will forward the form to the WEC.

Green Co. Emergency Mgmt. “Debris Management Plan”-  The Town of York will utilize Green County’s “Debris Management Plan.”  Jessie Schlumpf will forward the same to Cyndi Brown in her capacity as Emergency Management Director.

Adjournment-  Dan Truttmann moved to adjourn; second by Travis Leonard.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jessica L. Schlumpf, Clerk-Treasurer